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How to Get Your Company Mentioned in Top Tier Media Publications

For every business owner, getting positive publicity is a major goal. Getting published in a top tier media source like Forbes,, The Huffington Post, and The New York Times can transform a small business overnight because of the instant credibility it conveys and the SEO boost it delivers to your website.  However, when it comes to pitching to elite publications, there are a lot of questions.
Here we answer some of the top questions regarding getting mentions in top tier publications.

Who should I pitch to?
  • Everyone.  Your dream journalist or blogger may not accept your pitch for months or even years.  Getting in contact with several different publishers allows you to get lots of exposure in the meantime.  Also, don’t feel like your options are top tier publications or nothing.  Smaller media companies can still provide great publicity and help build your credibility while you are trying to catch the big fish in the media pond.
  • The right person on the team.  Although you should pitch to a variety of publications, you need to specifically send your pitch to the right person in the department.  This sometimes involves doing a little bit of research on their website and LinkedIn.
What should I write about?
  • A topic that ties your company to current trends in your industry is always a good option. When it comes to media, timing is everything.  So, pitching the right topic at the right time can be your key to success.
  • Something you can share your expertise on.  As a subject matter expert in your industry, you probably know the questions and concerns in the industry and can share your wisdom in response.
  • What your readers are interested in.  Unsure what those topics are?  Check out some LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and Reddit posts to see what your target audience is talking about.
  • A topic that hasn’t been covered from every angle.  Nobody wants to read a “been there, done that” topic.
  • Lists.  Publishers love lists because audiences love lists.
When am I going to see success in a top tier publication?
  • In some cases, later rather than sooner.  Media placements often take months of building relationships, pitching, re-pitching, and follow up.  But when you get that placement, the positive publicity is definitely worth the wait.

Amplify Online not only specializes in the “who,” “what,” and “when” of content marketing, but we also are experts in the “how.”  If you want to outsource your content marketing and be guaranteed top tier media placements of your company name and domain/URL, give us a call today.


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