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Five Reasons Your Small Business Should Outsource Your SEO and Online Marketing

Your company deserves its best chance to thrive online. Whether you’re considering outsourcing your online marketing or taking the DIY route, the goal is always the same: seeing company growth from improving your online reach and search engine ranking. Here are five reasons why outsourcing could be the right step to promote your business's growth:
  1. Saving money. This might sound crazy at first, but doing your SEO and online marketing in-house means either hiring an SEO specialist to work on-site or taking it all on personally. An on-location specialist can run you thousands of dollars each month; outsourcing is typically a fraction of that. “Well, then, I’ll do it myself! That’s free, right?” That can be true, but that all depends on how much an hour of your work is worth. When you run your own business, your time is money, and an hour spent on one task is an hour lost towards another.
  2. It’s more efficient. Unless you have the time, resources and SEO experience to do it personally, you'll likely be robbing your company of its greatest opportunity to thrive online.  
  3. It’s less work for you. This is incredibly valuable. While multitasking is regarded as a skill, more often than not it leads to tasks not getting the time given to them that is required for maximum effectiveness.
  4. Increased ROI. Outsourcing to a dedicated team will undoubtedly increase your online reach, maximizing your opportunity for new business leads.  On the flip side, doing your own SEO or hiring someone relatively inexperienced to do it can do more damage than good to your online presence, rankings on Google, traffic to their site, and leads generated online.  If errors are made while you are doing your SEO, it can result in Google penalties.
  5. It’s less stressful. When you outsource your online marketing, you save yourself the trouble of SEO duties, content writing, and other time-consuming factors, while still being able to work closely with the team to make sure your business is represented online in the exact way you’d like.


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